The smart mobility platform.

Modular, secure, intelligent and scalable software platform that gathers, processes, evaluates data from a variety of sources to control, take actions or to be your smart assistant for making right decisions at the right time.

Each module covers a specific domain where the combination of such modules solves everyday issues of your city and its citizens.

Platform is extensible, can be integrated with your existing infrastructure, run both in SaaS or on-premise mode and always grows according to your needs.

Platform with benefits. Available in your city. Instantly.

Shorter travel times in an emergency

Emergency and public transport vehicles trigger the green light signal as they are approaching towards the intersection. This minimizes travel time when saving lives.

Traffic under control

Constant monitoring of traffic flow using various detectors provides city governance with an accurate and online view of the traffic situation and its statistics

Calmer traffic in the city

Limiting entry to areas with restricted access prevents unwanted traffic and increases the effectivity of soft target protection

Open Data compliance

Collect, process and provide open data. Gathering traffic data on one platform with flexible interfaces enables numerous integrations.

What we do

INTENS Corporation is a technology leader in cooperative systems. We connect motion data from traffic sensors and elements on the infrastructure with individual road users.

We create a world where vehicles understand each other regardless of type, manufacturer, model or equipment. Already today, we bring solutions that lead to a safer, smoother and more comfortable mobility of tomorrow.

Traffic data and analysis
C-ITS piloting, testing and verification
Feasibility studies and consultancy
Delivery of complete and integrated systems
Operation and maintenance of a smart mobility systems
Custom solutions and development